Desserts Required

Desserts Required

Eight friends gathered last weekend for a Road Trips For Food to Apeiro Kitchen & Bar in Delray Beach. From the moment we walked through the door the experience was superb. Our thanks to Chef Tony Sitek for an outstanding meal and to Tyler for exceptional service.

Apeiro Kitchen & Bar

We decided to order several appetizers and each one was a winner. The cherry tomato jam for the Burrata is one I would love to incorporate in sweet and savory recipes. As I was pacing myself for the main event (dessert), I asked Leslie to cut me a small piece of Grilled Shrimp flatbread with roasted garlic cream and basil pesto. I, very quickly, asked for the whole slice.

Bacon-wrapped dates are served in a sofrito sauce with plenty of manchego cheese and chorizo. Need I say more than the word, BACON?!? Dina suggested the Moroccan Spiced Lamb Ribs with rosemary-fig bbq sauce and pistachio yogurt. The flavor combination is terrific.

The last two appetizers ordered were Crispy Eggplant with manchego cheese, grilled sweet peppers and pomegranate-agro dulce and Grilled Spanish Octopus with crispy potato, red chili, celery and smoked pepper aioli. Not only were they both devoured but Chef Tony, graciously, accommodated our request for a dairy free second order of the octopus.

It wasn’t due to a lack of enticing choices that caused several of us to either share main courses or salads but rather, it was reading about all of the dessert choices. It is worth noting that each selection, including the side dishes, was enjoyed by everyone.

Chef Tony came out and gave us detailed descriptions of our desserts. The Triple Layer Chocolate Cake serves 3-4 but when accompanying five other desserts, you will get more servings. Chocolate Mousse was layered with chocolate cake and drizzled with Nutella drizzle. It was equally delectable and gorgeous. We loved the crunch of the rice crispy chocolate cake that was the crust for Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. The creamy peanut butter mousse was sweetened just right.

Donuts are usually not my thing but I could have eaten every bite of the sweet potato Bombolino served with nutella chocolate and salted caramel. We were not quick enough on our ordering and missed two items; Apple Crostata and Waffle Cone Sundae. Major bummer but our disappointment was very quickly turned into sheer pleasure.

Chef Tony brought out a slice of cheesecake with wild berry puree along with bowls of the four housemade gelato flavors – chocolate, vanilla, coconut and fiesta made with housemade sugar cookies tossed with sprinkles. We had initially passed on the cheesecake when we ordered our desserts. That was a huge mistake because Apeiro Kitchen & Bar’s cheesecake is exceptional. Truly, worth ordering. The gelato was creamy and reminded everyone of authentic Italian gelato, a rare find down here.

The food is reason enough to go to Apeiro but it is worth mentioning that the décor of the restaurant is beautiful; it is light and has a warm and welcoming feeling. I know it’s a side benefit but I love that they have four ‘W’ restrooms and two ‘M’ ones. Finally, a restaurant that understands!

Whether you go by yourself or with a large party, rest assured that your trip to Apeiro Kitchen & Bar will be one of your best decisions. I know you will be tempted to eat a lot of food off the main menu; but do not make the mistake of skipping a dessert or two or five!


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